ClickBank Security

The main concerns over security issues with ClickBank are

Vendors: Protection of the thank-you page (download url). There are numerous ways in which the location of your thank-you page can be detected with the result that your product is downloaded for free.

Affiliates: The great advantage of ClickBank - the ease of signing up as an affiliate for a product is also a weakness. It is very easy for another to replace your affiliate nickname in the basic hoplink Url and claim your commission. (The whole topic of link theft is discussed here)

Below are some security products which address these problems.

1. For Vendors

Top Picks

1.1) DLGuard

DLGuard secures your website, and at the same time helps manage your downloads and build customer lists. It protects your thankyou pages from people accessing them directly and bypassing your payment system. When a customer purchases, DLGuard creates a unique download link that expires at a time interval you choose, protecting you against link sharing.

You can also provide the customer with automatic access to a members area.

DLGuard is the only system that allows you to easily add bonus products.

It supports ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout, Stormpay and Ebay digital product delivery, as well as JVManager and Free product downloads. Comes with an easy to use installation script.

For Paypal users there is a built in shopping cart and recurring billing.

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1.2) easyClickGuard

From Adrian Ling (the creator of the top selling ClickBank affiliate management program easyClickmate), easyClickGuard integrates flawlessly with easyClickmate.

One of the product highlights is the 'drop-feed' feature where you can specify bonuses to appear in the customers download area only AFTER "x" number of days.

You can configure the software to 'expire' the bonuses after 'Y' number of days.

This 'drop-feed' feature is extremely useful to discourage refunds as these bonuses can be controlled to appear only after X number of days and/or expire after a certain number of days.

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1.3) CB Thank You Page Protector

CB Thank You Page Protector is a PHP script for ClickBank vendors to install on their website (a simple upload) to protect both their thank you page and any downloads (eBooks, software, etc.) linked from them.

Key features

1. It can protect an unlimited number of Thank You pages and downloads (you can have multiple downloads in your Thank You pages)

2. It generates a basic default Thank You page for each product which can be customized for design and content. You can also insert customer and transaction details.

3. It can send an automated Thank You email to customers which again can be customized. Useful for notifying them about other offers as well as reducing chargebacks and refunds.

4. It can send customizable notification emails to an email address of your choosing. For example to staff or third party services with an email interface e.g to create an account for your new customer in your customer support or help desk software.

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1.4) CBProtect

The Virtual Vault ensures only paying customers get access to your product. Once locked it cannot be accessed by anyone other than the intended customer. It allows users to revoke access to refunded customers as well. Click here

1.5) Linklok ClickBank

Linklok ClickBank allows secure access to your digital products (software, eBooks etc) only after a successful transaction on ClickBank. Linklok's proprietary security system ensures that your thank you (download) page cannot be reused, bookmarked or shared in any way. Download links are time limited and also cannot be shared. Also you can either provide the download links directly on the thank you page or have Linklok email them to the client ensuring you get a valid email address at the same time. No database or cookies required. Setup in 5 minutes. Click here


2. For Affiliates

2.1) Affiliate Cloner

This prevents nickname substitution (whereby another affiliate steals your commission) and provides other useful features. Read our review of Affiliate Cloner here