ClickBank Product Search

In addition to the search facility at the ClickBank MarketPlace here is a selection of 3rd party ClickBank storefronts (or malls) which you are free to use.

You can either enter a search term directly in the storefronts shown in section 1 or visit the complete storefront in section 2.


1. Search Here

1.1 CBmall

Enter your search term in the box and click on Search.

CBmall Marketplace


2. Visit The Storefront

2.1 CB Power Portal

Use CB Power Portal to search through the ClickBank Marketplace.

CB Power Portal


1. If you would like to use any of these storefronts at your own site click here.

2. If you want to keyword searches for affiliate programs (as opposed to products) and obtain extensive information on commission details and ranking history check these tools.