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Bypassing the sales page

A common request from ClickBank affiliates is a method to bypass the vendor's sales page and link directly to the ClickBank order form.

The reason is that they can write their own sales copy which is obviously desirable if the vendor's sales page does not convert well or allows the visitor to be distracted by external links favourable to the vendor

How to do it

1. Direct order link

Here is an affiliate link which takes the visitor directly to the order form instead of the sales page.


(there is an underscore between AFFILIATE and VENDOR)


  • The normal hoplink takes priority over this link: therefore an affiliate will not get commission if the visitor has previously gone through another affiliate's hoplink
  • The link does not set a cookie: therefore an affiliate will not get commission if the visitor later returns to the site without using that link
  • This is an unofficial link. It is not listed at the ClickBank site, so it can be withdrawn at any time. So use with caution.

2. Scripts

There are a number of 3rd party scripts which handle ClickBank affiliate management. Here are two which (among many other features) provide the direct order link without the disadvantages mentioned above

For vendors: easyClickMate

For affiliates: Affiliate Cloner

Both products are listed on the Recommended page of 3rd party tools

Important: An affiliate must request permission from the vendor before bypassing the sales page to ensure that he does not misrepresent the product.


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