Multiple products vs Multiple ClickBank accounts

When a vendor decides to sell additional ClickBank products he has the choice of adding them to his existing account (where 500 are allowed) or starting a new ClickBank account.

There is no advantage in having another account if he does not intend to use affiliates so the following discussion only applies if affiliates are to be used.

In the chart below the plus points are highlighted thus **.


Multiple Products

Multiple Accounts


** No extra cost.

Each extra account costs $49.95
(but see note 1 below)

Marketplace ranking

** Based on the aggregate of affiliate sales across ALL products in the account.

Based on affiliate sales of each separate product.

Affiliate landing page.

One for the whole account. You need to put all products on one page. In many cases, for example where products have no relation to each other, this may not be appropriate.

Tip: to avoid putting all the products on one landing page use an affiliate management product like easyClickMate or an affiliate link management script like HopGuard or CBMultiLink

** One for each product.

The additional benefit is that each product will now appear in ClickBank search type programs such as ClickBank Storefronts or CBEngine.

Commission rate

Fixed per account.

** Can vary for each product.


** All sales stats in one account.

One payment cheque.

Sales stats spread over each account.

Separate payment cheques for each account. (Future payment via XACH will resolve this - June 2008)

Tip: multiple stats can be easily administered using the 3rd party tools here.


(1) ClickBank offers a discounted price of $29.95 on additional accounts. When you submit a product approval request for an additional account ask for the discounted link and give the nickname of the first account.


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