Buying At ClickBank

1. Finding Products

To view the complete range of ClickBank products visit the ClickBank MarketPlace in your ClickBank account.

The listings are ranked by popularity, so you can easily see which are the in-demand items.

2. Making A Purchase

There is a standard procedure for every ClickBank purchase. Once your order has been approved a Thank You page will appear. This will explain how to download the item or where to go for further information, together with contact details of the vendor and any refund policy.


  • 1) You will receive a receipt of the transaction by Email so, obviously, check that your Email address is correctly input on the order form.
  • 2) When the Thank You page appears you should immediately take a record of the details (or make a page copy via "File/Save as") in case your connection fails in the ensuing period when you may be downloading items from the page.

3. If your Credit Card is Rejected

Here is a typical set of reasons for rejection of your credit card
- Incorrect expiration date
- Incorrect or missing validation code
- Country or state does not match bank record
- Zip or postal code does not match bank record
- Card has history of chargebacks
- Card has reached its spending limit
- You are too far from your billing address
- You are using an anonymous proxy service
- You have made too many recent purchases

It does appear also that cards from certain 'high risk' countries are rejected

The official statement from ClickBank is

When a customer tries to purchase and is declined, they are given a list of possible (and most common) reasons for the decline.

On rare occasions the bank network may decline perfectly good cards. We are not told the reason why a particular card is declined, and we cannot take orders by phone or fax. The best advice would be for the customer to try their purchase again with a different card. If this doesn't work for them, then we suggest that they contact the seller directly for alternative payment options, such as money orders, checks, etc.

Tip: First, try the charge again. If that fails, contact the credit card customer service department and ask them why the charge was denied.


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