ClickBank Income Generator

" I get commissions for products which I DON'T promote (for free) !"

What happens to all those visitors who LEAVE your site without buying ?

They've not found what they want so off they go to search again.

But how about making them search in a special version of the ClickBank MarketPlace where every product carries your affiliate code. So that you get commission on every sale.

But even better, you can add your own sponsor link - to any product or site you wish - to appear at the top of every page in that MarketPlace.

It's all FREE with SearchFeast, a search engine and traffic generator tool - which just involves adding one line of code to your site.

** This one line is the reason why I get sales of ClickBank products which I have never even heard of !

But here's the exciting part. There's an option to place that link on the pages of everyone you refer to SearchFeast, making it a viral traffic generator .

** That's right. Every day I get an increasing stream of traffic to the page of my choice with no effort on my part.

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