Stop Those ClickBank Refunds !

Stop Those ClickBank Refunds !

5% to 10% of your ClickBank sales WILL end in refunds

Unless you use these refund-slashing strategies

You are not alone.

It happens to every ClickBank vendor.

Sometimes justified.

Often a weak excuse

"I couldn't download the book"

Often no excuse

"I want a refund"

Often without even telling you
- the first you hear of it ClickBank has sent you a ticket.

It's true.

Even the top marketers tell you that no matter how good your product is you should expect a refund rate of 5%.

Well let's confound them and see how we can slash that figure . . . dramatically.

The solutions can be found in this money-saving ebook "Stop Those ClickBank Refunds !"

Below - real reviews from real people.
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If Clickbank doesn't give copies of this to their affiliates and vendors as required reading, they're nuts. It'd save them literally millions

Paul Myers

I'm insisting that all of my coaching clients read this ebook before they dare market a product using Clickbank.

Willie Crawford

Using one of the sample emails you provided in Chap 8 (How To Answer A Refund Request), I managed to prevent a refund and ended up being friends with that customer.

Adrian Ling

I've just finished reading your latest ebook, "Stop Those ClickBank Refunds!", and being a Clickbank vendor myself, I found it to be one of those special reports you can't live without.

Armando B. Silva

worth every single penny..

John Delavera

When Harvey puts his mind to a subject - especially when that subject is related to ClickBank - you can be sure that he will come up with the best and most appropriate answers around.


So when Harvey told me that he had written an ebook all about how to cut your refund rates for ClickBank vendors, I HAD to read it. (His simple, but highly effective methods work for all online selling, not just those through ClickBank, incidentally).

Martin Avis
KickStart Newsletter

Harvey, what I liked the most about the book was the fact that it really drove home how to reduce the amount of refunds I could potentially receive.


I found your tips and explanations precisely what a person would need to do in order to minimize the potential for refund requests.

Marc David

I found the book very easy to read and navigate, and for someone like myself who's not too familiar with Clickbank, you provided a really good overview of how things work around there in addition to excellent information about how to prevent and deal with refunds

Steve Solem

Solid, easy to implement, profit impacting tips that work not just for ClickBank, but for virtually any product.

Jeff Mulligan

Just rewording my download instructions per Harvey's suggestions, my refunds (and download problem emails) have been cut literally, in half!

Peter Dunbar

If you're currently marketing online (or you hope to be sometime soon) you absolutely MUST wrap your 'hands' around this ebook ASAP. Then make sure you do everything you can to implement Harvey's ideas into your business.


Because you'll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don't!

Jason Oman

I got several great new strategies from your book that I think will make a noticeable difference.

Sean Nalewanyj

This is a book that we will insist all our students purchase

Dr Dennis Coote

After employing just one of Harvey's techniques in this gem of a book, I cut my refund rate on one of my products in half.

Denice Anderson

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Why is it a 'money-saving' ebook ?

Here's why.

Reason 1

Let's do a quick Calculation

- Suppose you have one product selling for only $30 and you make just one sale a day

- Suppose you use the tips in this book and you reduce your refund rate from 7% down to 2%

Then you've just saved $547 in a whole year on that one product alone

Reason 2

Depending on the Risk Tier level that ClickBank allocates to your account just one Chargeback could cost you more than the cost of this book


Stop Those ClickBank Refunds ! will show you

  • Why ClickBank has to make refunding an easy option
  • Why a high refund rate is bad for you (apart from having your sale cancelled)
  • Something worse than a refund
  • The 7 main reasons why your customer asks for a refund - and how to counter each one
  • What you must put on your sales page
  • What you must put on your thank you page
  • A winning idea for your thank you page
  • What to do immediately after the sale
  • How to follow up with your customer
  • How to answer a refund request - and avoid a refund
  • If you agree to pay a refund - two warnings
  • How your affiliates can cause refunds - and how to stop them
  • How to stop the refunded customer using your product
  • How to use physical products to reduce refunds
  • What ClickBank's own customer service representatives said was the number one thing publishers could do to help them save sales when customers call

About the author.

Harvey Segal is the world's top ClickBank expert.

  • A participant in ClickBank's European Advisory Board.

He owns


Don't delay.

Just one of the tips in this book could reduce your refunds and pay for the purchase - many times over.

Note: This book is designed for ClickBank vendors (not affiliates).

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