Stop Those ClickBank Refunds !

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'Stop Those ClickBank Refunds !'

Excellent. Short, clear, sound advice.

If Clickbank doesn't give copies of this to their affiliates and vendors as required reading, they're nuts. It'd save them literally millions.

Super tips, Harvey.

Paul Myers

Hi Harvey,

Using one of the sample emails you provided in Chap 8 (How To Answer A Refund Request), I managed to prevent a refund and ended up being friends with that customer.

Well done! This ebook deserves a place in every marketer's "bookshelf"

Adrian Ling

Hi Harvey,

I've just finished reading your latest ebook, "Stop Those ClickBank Refunds!", and being a Clickbank vendor myself, I found it to be one of those special reports you can't live without. Particularly powerful for me were your powerful tips in Ch. 7 - What to Do after the Sale.

Acting upon any one of your numerous valuable tips in this ebook, will reduce tremendously the refund requests for any Clickbank vendor.

Armando B. Silva


Harvey is known for his expertise on ClickBank issues. In addition to the CONTENT offered through all of Harvey's ebooks I'd also underline his mastership to the creation of VIRAL ebooks.

So, this ebook could not be an exception: Content-Rich and Viral Marketing in practice.

Read the content and study the STRUCTURE of the ebook. You have 2 reasons to get it - worth every single penny...

John Delavera


I just finished reading "Stop Those Clickbank Refunds!" and wanted to thank you for such a useful report. You not only show Clickbank vendors tons of things that they can do to reduce refund, you even show the Clickbank affiliate things he can do to reduce refunds.

Any vendor who reads and applies just a fraction of your dozens of great tips will dramatically reduce his refund rate and could potentially save hundreds of times the meager price of the report.

If you are a Clickbank vendor or affiliate, this report is essential reading. I'm insisting that all of my coaching clients read this ebook before they dare market a product using Clickbank. It will save them lots of headaches, keeping them in good standing with both their customers and Clickbank.

Willie Crawford

From the KickStart Newsletter ...

My very good friend Harvey Segal is acknowledged as the leading expert on ClickBank. He has written several excellent ebooks for both vendors and affiliates, has a massive fact-filled website on the subject, and runs the only ClickBank-dedicated forum.

When Harvey puts his mind to a subject - especially when that subject is related to ClickBank - you can be sure that he will come up with the best and most appropriate answers around.

So when Harvey told me that he had written an ebook all about how to cut your refund rates for ClickBank vendors, I HAD to read it. (His simple, but highly effective methods work for all online selling, not just those through ClickBank, incidentally).

If you are a info-product creator or a ClickBank vendor, this book is exactly what you need to read

Martin Avis

Harvey, what I liked the most about the book was the fact that it really drove home how to reduce the amount of refunds I could potentially receive.

Anybody who sells a ClickBank product will receive their fair share of refund requests from scammers. But what you want to avoid is the refund requests from frustration or not enough information. In this age with e-mail being such an obvious means of communication, and web pages, there's really not much of an excuse to just take the money from the customer and leave them hanging.

I found your tips and explanations precisely what a person would need to do in order to minimize the potential for refund requests.

Marc David

I was really impressed with your new book

I found it very easy to read and navigate, and for someone like myself who's not too familiar with Clickbank, you provided a really good overview of how things work around there in addition to excellent information about how to prevent and deal with refunds.

Steve Solem

Solid, easy to implement, profit impacting tips that work not just for ClickBank, but for virtually any product.

Author Harvey Segal has boiled down these techniques and made them "cut and paste" simple. Use them and watch your refunds decrease and your bottom line grow.

Jeff Mulligan

As a ClickBank vendor since 2001, I thought I had my refunds under control. After reading the book, BOY was I wrong!

Just rewording my download instructions per Harvey's suggestions, my refunds (and download problem emails) have been cut literally, in half!

Thank you Harvey for a much needed resource on one of the most overlooked aspects of everyone's business; KEEPING the money that you originally acquired.

Peter Dunbar

Every once in a while something comes along and revolutionizes an entire industry.

Harvey Segal's ebook on reducing refunds is a great example. This ebook cuts right to the heart of one of the biggest problems facing online marketers... the dreaded refund!

If you're currently marketing online (or you hope to be sometime soon) you absolutely MUST wrap your 'hands' around this ebook ASAP. Then make sure you do everything you can to implement Harvey's ideas into your business.

Because you'll be shooting yourself in the foot if you don't!

Every online business I've ever seen has areas where it could increase it's Net revenues, oftentimes by simply reducing refund problems.

This book shows you how to handle the Refund Monster in the shortest amount of time possible.

Whether you're a Clickbank Vendor or NOT, no Internet Marketer should be without it.

Jason Oman


I just purchased your e-book about minimizing CB refunds.

I already had quite a few strategies in place for minimizing refunds and really wasn't sure if your book would give me any real additional tips...But I figured if I gained even HALF a tip it would be worth the price.

Anyway, I just read the whole thing in about 20 minutes and thought it was great.

I got several great new strategies from your book that I think will make a noticeable difference.


Sean Nalewanyj

I absolutely cannot praise this resource enough! There is so much information packed into this one product on stopping ClickBank Refunds that absolutely anyone that does business with ClickBank needs to read this book.

The advice and tips that Harvey gives will most assuredly drastically make a difference in the amount of refund requests that you get.

After employing just one of Harvey's techniques in this gem of a book, I cut my refund rate on one of my products in half.

Do yourself a great favor and get "Stop Those ClickBank Refunds" and read it and do what Harvey says. You will not regret it!

Denice Anderson

This is a book that we will insist all our students purchase, and we will probably set questions for them. It is essential reading for all who use Clickbank. We ourselves were suffering quite badly from "I've changed my mind, can I have a refund?" and "It's not what I thought it was"

Harvey's book gives simple, clear and concise ways of reducing this problem. It can never be completely stopped by the 'refund-cheats' but by adopting the measures outlined in the book you can certainly reduce it. Keep up the good work, Harvey.

Dr Dennis Coote


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