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1. Introduction

On September 23, 2003 ClickBank announced the introduction of a replacement for their hoplink system.

Details at

ClickBank plans to switch to this system in December 2003. This will require changes (possibly extensive) for both vendors and affiliates.

2. Concerns

The announcement has raised considerable concern amongst the ClickBank user community, key issues being

  • The amount of changes required
  • The problem of hoplinks embedded in places where it may be difficult or impossible to change, such as ebooks
  • Unfairness of the way commission is credited
  • Security problems still exist

3. Action

You can read and contribute to the discussions which have been raised at various sites, chiefly

  • A new site
  • The Warrior forum, where postings have been made by senior ClickBank members - Steve Rouse (Chief Operating Officer) and Dan Henderson (Vice President).
  • Various other Internet Marketing forums (see a list here)

4. Recommendation

Before making extensive changes to your sites, links, ebooks I recommend that you wait for the outcome of all these issues.

If upgrade to the new system is mandatory I expect 3rd party authors to produce tips, guides and scripts to assist in the conversion.

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5. Have Your Say

What improvements would you like to see in the ClickBank system ?

Visit this forum: Open Letter To ClickBank

Stop Press: Sep 25, 2003

Statement from ClickBank:

"In response to a tremendous flood of questions and comments regarding the new tracking system, we are taking some time to generate better documentation, supporting materials, and updated code to address affiliate and vendor concerns. If you have already switched to the new system your links will continue to work. If you have not switched already there is no need to switch for the moment -- your existing hoplinks will still work.

We appreciate your patience in this matter so that we can provide you with the best possible service."

Stop Press: Sep 26, 2003

There is now a completely new proposal for the hoplink upgrade.

The tik-tok tracking will not be used and a new hoplink format is being suggested viz,

Details here


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