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If you are at all serious about building a successful online business you will, at some point, realise the value of promoting other peoples products as an affiliate and you will also realise the importance of having affiliates promote your products.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Clickbank provide the most effective ways of promoting your own or other people's products.

Now, if you want legal advice you should hire a lawyer, if you want medical advice you should see your doctor. If you want to know anything about Clickbank - ask Harvey Segal!

But, to save both you and Harvey a lot of time, just buy his two newest books: "Clickbank Vendor Supertips" and "Clickbank Affiliate Supertips". Whatever you need to know about Clickbank, I can virtually guarantee you will find an easy to understand step by step explanation in Harvey's Books.

John Taylor

I've been reading both books, and am incredibly impressed.

Harvey has packed so much information that you NEED into ebooks that are amazingly readable. There is no waffle, no 'business speak' just EVERYTHING you need to know in plain English.

So much so that I can hand on heart make this statement:

'If you want to sell your own product or make money selling someone else's online, one or both of Harvey's books are vital to your success.'

Martin Avis


I'm envious!

You've produced not one, but two great new ebooks for the ClickBank marketer.

Every previous ClickBank resource has been multi-purpose, but you've gone one step better and produced separate tactical manuals for ClickBank vendors and affiliates.

You have crammed in dozens of the most powerful tips and, in your usual style, every one of them gets straight to the point. Any ClickBank marketer who doesn't earn more after reading your ebooks is simply not trying.

Tim Coulter


I just finished looking over your 'ClickBank Affiliate Supertips' and 'ClickBank Vendor Supertips' ebooks and found them both to be loaded with valuable information. Your ebooks will provide anyone interested in either selling their products through ClickBank or marketing ClickBank products with the exact information they'll need to succeed!

Congratulations on a job well done -- you are no doubt the 'ClickBank King.'

Shelley Lowery

As usual, Harvey writes a superb, concise guide for Clickbank affiliates wishing to maximize their affiliate commissions. His tips on linking (Chap 6.6) are worth their weight in gold.

If you're not satisfied with your current affiliate commission, I'd recommend you pick up a copy of this excellent book - it'll show you a bonanza of tips and tricks that will increase your profits.

Adrian Ling

The CAS eBook is a real eye-opener! Your eBook could turn a newbie affiliate into a pro within a few hours itself.

I've been a ClickBank affiliate for over an year now, and most of the commissions I've made are really trial and error ones. When I heard about your eBook, I first thought it would have the same old tips of cloaking your affiliate links n stuff, but boy was I wrong. You have mentioned solutions for problems that I wouldn't have discovered on my own.

I followed your tips and found at least 2 sites where I could be losing my affiliate commissions. I can't imagine how many commissions I would have lost if I kept on promoting the programs without following your advice. Thanks again!

Pooja Srinivas

Having all of Harvey's great books is a must if you plan on doing any business with ClickBank! I totally absorbed the "ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips" before I started my online affiliate career with ClickBank products and boy am I glad I did.

There is so much to absorb when first dealing with ClickBank and Harvey makes it all so neat and organized that you cannot help but be successful if you follow his methods.

I did not hesitate to get my copy of "ClickBank Vendor SuperTips" when it came time for me to put my first product up for sale on ClickBank. I knew that Harvey would answer all my questions as a vendor just like he did when I was an affiliate.

I simply cannot recommend enough these great resources for doing business with ClickBank! They are a MUST read if you want to truly get all the essential information you need to conduct your business properly.

Denice Anderson

I just started reading and got to page 14 (CAS book). That tip on beating your PPC competitors is excellent!

It was such an obvious way to do it, but I had never thought of it before and don't know anyone else who had, so when I saw it on the page it leaped right out at me.

Amin Motin

Harvey Segal has been our guide and mentor for several years having purchased most of his excellent books.

His knowledge of Clickbanks quirks and idiosyncracies has got us over several problems over the years.

Keep up the good work, Harvey

Dr Dennis Coote

While it's true that there is a lot of free information out there (on the Internet) about ClickBank, the fact is you can't always trust it. Either somebody is trying to pitch you so hard, they don't quite tell you the whole story. Or, sometimes people aren't up to date with how ClickBank has changed over the years. Or sometimes information is simply wrong.

In my own personal experience, when I found some outdated information accidentally left on ClickBank's own website (and high in the Google search results), and talked to Harvey about it, he directed me to the correct current information. Likewise there has been a recent Warrior Forum thread about ClickBank payment issues, and again Harvey was more up to date than some of ClickBank's own help pages.

Now, obviously I can not personally attest to every single statement in Harvey's encyclopedic guides, but I think this shows his level of dedication, and his commitment to being accurate and current.

In summary, if you are putting serious amounts of efforts or money into promoting ClickBank products, or selling your own products through ClickBank, I think these guides should be a no-brainer.

Sunil Tanna