ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

If you want to become a successful ClickBank affiliate who better to learn from than this man -

Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips)

He's the world's top ClickBank expert.

  • A participant in ClickBank's European Advisory Board meetings.

He owns

Harvey is the undisputed world champion of all things ClickBank. he knows so much about the way it all works that even though he has no involvement with the company, they still tap him for advice sometimes!


In fact, on the Warrior Forum people sometimes mistake him for a company shill - he is so good at answering questions!

Martin Avis

As usual, Harvey writes a superb, concise guide for Clickbank affiliates wishing to maximize their affiliate commissions. His tips on linking (Chap 6.6) are worth their weight in gold.


If you're not satisfied with your current affiliate commission, I'd recommend you pick up a copy of this excellent book - it'll show you a bonanza of tips and tricks that will increase your profits.

Adrian Ling

if you want legal advice you should hire a lawyer, if you want medical advice you should see your doctor. If you want to know anything about Clickbank - ask Harvey Segal!

John Taylor

Congratulations on a job well done -- you are no doubt the 'ClickBank King.'

Shelley Lowery

I followed your tips and found at least 2 sites where I could be losing my affiliate commissions. I can't imagine how many commissions I would have lost if I kept on promoting the programs without following your advice. Thanks again!

Pooja Srinivas

There is so much to absorb when first dealing with ClickBank and Harvey makes it all so neat and organized that you cannot help but be successful if you follow his methods.

Denice Anderson

I just started reading and got to page 14. That tip on beating your PPC competitors is excellent!


It was such an obvious way to do it, but I had never thought of it before and don't know anyone else who had, so when I saw it on the page it leaped right out at me.

Amin Motin

You have crammed in dozens of the most powerful tips and, in your usual style, every one of them gets straight to the point. Any ClickBank marketer who doesn't earn more after reading your ebooks is simply not trying.

Tim Coulter
ClickBank Definitive Guide

When it comes to ANYthing about ClickBank Harvey 'Supertips' Segal is the REAL deal!

Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

Harvey has a knack of writing in a very clear and understandable fashion, presenting things in a straightforward way, and is very good an organizing information into a digestible format.

He is meticulous and he keeps up to date.

He really is an EXPERT on all things ClickBank.

Sunil Tanna

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Tips include:

Signing up with ClickBank

  • One account or many ? The big problem with multiple accounts
  • Most affiliates don't know about this - the Master Account

Where To Find A Product To Promote

  • The ClickBank Marketplace: where to find extra search facilities
  • How to find ClickBank products that are not in the Marketplace

Is The Product Worth Promoting ?

  • How to check a product's history
  • Don't be fooled by the Marketplace rankings - how a product can be top without ever having a sale !
  • When the commission shown at the Marketplace is not the real commission
  • Be an early bird - how to find new products which have just been released
  • The most misunderstood ClickBank feature - Gravity

Join The Affiliate Program

  • Don't use the hoplink until you make this check
  • The most common mistake made with your affiliate URL - it means you won't get commission
  • What is the commission on a sale, the VAT, the transaction fee ? Let the ClickBank calculator show you
  • If your vendor is willing - there's two ways he can give you higher commission. Even 100%

How To Promote The Product

  • The fastest way To ClickBank profits
  • The number one method of promotion
  • How to beat your PPC competitors
  • The last ClickBank affiliate gets the commission. How to make sure it's you
  • Once your visitor clicks on your affiliate link don't lose him: how to follow up
  • Why you should not link directly to your affiliate site (5 good reasons)
  • Why customers might remove your affiliate link - and how to stop them

Tracking Your Sales

  • How many visitors click on your links ? Where do they come from ? ClickBank provides some stats - but there are better tools
  • Why your commissions for the same product are different
  • How to use the Analytics report to see where you are failing
  • How to check the performance of your Google Adwords

Why You Are Losing Commissions

  • Affiliate link theft - what you can do about it
  • Sale page leaks - five ways that you are losing out on commission
  • When you should bypass the vendor's sales page - and how to do it
  • The reason why a sales page shows multiple ClickBank products - and how you can promote them individually
  • A clever case of vendor fraud and no commission for you - here's how to check
  • Refunds - how to get your vendor to minimize them
  • Downtime at ClickBank means lost sales. Here's what you tell your vendor

Your ClickBank Earnings

  • Shock 1: ClickBank won't pay you until you've achieved this requirement
  • Shock 2: ClickBank will start emptying your account if you fail to do this
  • Instead of paying others for help why not share your earnings - ClickBank can handle it for you

Special Affiliate Programs

  • How to get paid for introducing others to ClickBank
  • ClickBank storefronts - the right way to use them
  • How to avoid dead ClickBank links in rebranded books
  • Why use Google AdSense ? Try a ClickBank version
  • The ideal ClickBank affiliate program

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