ClickBank Basics

Before talking about ClickBank a brief explanation for anyone who is completely new to the world of Internet marketing.

The most common - and simplest - way to make money on the Net is to become an 'affiliate' which means you get paid commission for making sales of other people's products. You leave the whole task of product creation, web sales copy, order processing and customer support, to the vendor: your job is simply to get the word out about the product.

You are given an affiliate link which leads the customer to the sales site and identifies you as the person who gets credit if a sale is made.

One of the most popular affiliate programs is ClickBank.

They are one of the world's largest provider of digital products - essentially ebooks and software. You can choose from over 35,000 products in many categories and their affiliate program is simple to join.

As a guide the average price of a ClickBank product is $41. The average commission rate is 55%, although the top sellers often offer a much higher rate up to 75% (the maximum).

Sounds good ?

Then sign up as ClickBank affiliate now. Click here - it's free.

We can say that success with ClickBank boils down to
1. Selecting a suitable product
2. Promoting (getting the word out) about the product

1. Selecting a suitable product

You can search for a product at the ClickBank Marketplace.

Some tips:

a) Look at the product price and commission rate. You should aim for products with a reasonable rate of commission, say 50%, to make your efforts worthwhile.

b) Is it an in-demand item ? The Marketplace listings are ranked by popularity, so you can see which are the in-demand items. Note though that a product at the low end may still turn out to be popular if it is new.

c) How effective is the sales page ? Visit the sales page of the product to confirm that the sales copy does a good job of selling the product.

Once decided click on the PROMOTE button and collect your affiliate link

2. Promoting the product

So how do you get the word out ?

This is a huge subject.

For a start check out the Affiliate Guide.